Photo by Opal Turner 2018

The Smallest Gallery in Soho Presents Liam,

A Narrative Installation by William Martin

Have you seen Liam?

His partner is waiting for him to come home. He’s only been gone for a day or two, but he hasn’t taken his medication with him. His building is being developed at the end of June and he has been asked to leave.

Liam has lived at 62 Dean street for 30 years, but like so many of his friends, he has finally been forced to move out. Where will he put his books? His ceramics collection? His bespoke jackets? Liam has seen Soho change so much, but it’s still the centre of his world.  

Liam looks at voyeurism, gentrification, and the relationships between Soho residents. The characters, and subsequent installation, were developed over 6 months in conversation with curators Philip Levine and Andrea Costa of The Smallest Gallery in Soho.

William Martin is a South African born artist working in London  

He uses his ceramics and textiles to create narrative installations

His practice combines personal experiences and art history to create site specific exhibitions  

The Smallest Gallery in Soho aims to transcend the rapid re-development of Soho by exhibiting free and engaging artworks that encourage people to stop, think and be inspired. The Garage Soho has kindly provided this historic shop front. An early stage investor company, they champion brand building and creativity.

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